Hiring a Concrete Driveway Contractor

A concrete driveway provides both durability and curb appeal, yet it should be installed by a professional and qualified concrete contractor to last for many years. Homeowners who are searching to start from scratch or repair an existing concrete driveway will quickly discover different local driveway contractors.

Whether it is your second time or you’re a first timer in hiring a concrete driveway contractor, there are several considerations you should keep in mind and include the following:

Obtain a Concrete Driveway Quote

Majority of driveway contractors can give you a basic quote over the phone, yet a good concrete company’s first step before starting any project must be a thorough examination of your property, existing driveway or the space you’re planning to utilize for the new concrete pad. To know if your preferred driveway contractor is a real professional, ask some questions regarding your upcoming installation. She or he must be able to provide you a rough estimate of the time it’ll take to finish the job and give you some advice on how long you must wait before using your parking lot. According to experts, it takes a total of 4 weeks to achieve maximum strength and majority of professionals will recommend waiting at least two. If your chosen driveway contractor guarantees a week or less, you might want to consider searching for another driveway contractor.

Ask about the Installation of Concrete Driveway

Adding the driveway is not as easy as pouring concrete and leaving it until this dries. To ensure that the concrete driveway lasts for many years, your contractor must start through compacting the soil as well as adding crush materials on top that are tightly packed. More often than not, looser aggregate is laid down and compacted again for stability.

Discuss Possible Driveway Problems

Don’t be shy to ask your driveway contractor what she or he will do in case of emergency or problems arise. Your prospective installer must start by providing you great advice on how to get rid of such issues. For instance, even concrete cannot support infinite weight as well as anything one ton or more will like cause damages or crack. Some professional driveway contractor will frequently guarantee work for a particular amount of time or by the crack’s width that appear. Ensure to obtain a guarantee in writing. You can also ask for several references. Asking specifically for cases in which contractors had to do follow-up work as talking to some homeowners and hearing regarding their experiences is important.

Hiring a concrete driveway contractor may be time consuming and confusing at the same time, especially if you have several potential professionals to choose from. But, you have to take note that installing a new concrete driveway or repairing an existing one is a job that requires skill, precision, patience. Through asking the right questions and evaluating the knowledge of the contractor thoroughly, you will be able to make a wise choice and enjoy the perks of hiring the best and right


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